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Sanguaré Natural Reserve dock
(by Danny Zurc)

Trees are refuges for different bat species and other animals. Bats take advantage of the tree holes to as living spaces. Some trees favored by bats are kapok and oak, but any tree could be a bat roost. Woodpecker holes, cracks, large branches, or cavities in the trunk are attractive and suitable places for bats.

Other species of bats prefer human-made structures to live in, for example, ceilings or old houses. Bats occupy different parts of the tree depending on the species.

The calls of bats in the tree may be different from calls made while flying, thus, it is complicated to recognize the species by their calls. (Photo by Laura Vargas).

Cucusonic works in partnership with The University of Manchester, the Granada Centre for Visual Anthropology and In Place Of War, thanks to the support of the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF). Additional support comes from Finnish institution Kone Foundation (Saari Residence).