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Given the current COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent periodic lockdowns, our project’s methodology involves ‘remote’ ways of working which avoid face-to-face contact and are about the recording, sharing, editing and presentation of wildlife observations and bio-acoustic recordings from the various situations of lockdown.

The recording strategies are led by biological scientists, anthropologists and musicians working together. The materials (recordings and observations) are directed towards three purposes:

(1) The establishment and training of a network of citizen scientists to make regular observations and recordings. This work is about facilitating the work which biological scientists cannot do at the present time, while simultaneously creating a record of the ‘return’ of nature during the COVID-19 ‘lockdown’.

(2) The production of a regular series of podcasts, videos and recordings using this material and based around particular species, for dissemination through our dedicated website.

(3) A collaboration (online) with a team of international music producers and musicians, through the partnership with the organisation In Place of War.

Cucusonic works in partnership with The University of Manchester, the Granada Centre for Visual Anthropology and In Place Of War, thanks to the support of the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF). Additional support comes from Finnish institution Kone Foundation (Saari Residence).